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Bundi :

Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu ruler of Delhi. He was defeated by Mohamad Ghori in 1191 A.D. In the 12th Centaury one of his son’s established their rule at Fort Bambaoda, 10 km from Menal.

This Chauhan clan later came to be known as the HADA Rajputs The area ruled by the Hadas - Bundi, Kota , Baran and Jhalawar - came to be known as the Hadoti Region.

BUNDI - Was Captured in 1241 by Rao Deva Singh from the Chief of the Meena tribals.

KOTA was conquered by Price Jet Singh of Bundi in 1264 from Kotia Bheel, the chief of the Tribe Ruling Kota. Thus Kota became a Jagir (Land Grant) of Bundi.

TARAGARH FORT at 500 ft., dominates Bund city. This Fort was completed by Rao Bar Sing in 1354 A.D. Since there was no source of water available on this hill four massive water tanks were hewn out of the solid rock to retain the monsoon waters for their use. All rain water on the Fort was diverted to these four tanks along the channels provided through a simple filter system.

Bundi Palace is just below the Fort. It is one of the purest examples of Rajput architecture. Rao Raja Umed Singh or Shriji (1739-1770), the saintly ruler of Bundi, is considered amongst the greatest rulers of Bund. Considered to be a saint, philosopher . and a brave warrior. He created the Chitrashala or the Bundi School of Paintings in 1739.. He is worshiped to this day by the people of Bundi.

He also built the NAVAL SAGAR in 1750. Owing to his immense interest in Religion, Culture & in Education Bundi came to be known as the ‘Choti Kashi’.

Bundi Chitrashala
Bundi Chitrashala
Bundi Chitrashala
Bundi Chitrashala
Bundi Chitrashala
Bundi Chitrashala

Bundi Chitrashala
Badal Mahal Bundi
Bundi Utsav
Bundi Chitrashala
Bundi - Badal Mahal
Bundi Utsav
Diwane Khan Bundi Palace
Step Well the Bundi Fort
Palace & Fort Bundi
Diwane Khaas Bundi Palace
Step Well the Bundi Fort
Palace & Fort Bundi
Naval Sagar, Taragah & Palace Bundi
Palace Bundi.
Taragarh and Palace Bundi
Naval Sagar, Taragah & Palace Bundi
Palace Bundi
Taragarh and Palace Bundi

Rani Ji Ki Bawari Bundi

North of Bundi is JAIT SAGAR created by Rao Bishan Singh with the Sukh Mahal in 1773. (Rudyard Kipling stayed here and wrote part of his book KIM).

‘RANI-JI-KI-BAWARI’ - a Step Well 165 ft deep, was constructed by Rao Anirudh Singh’s Junior Queen, in his memory in 1699. The frieze of carved elephants and the ornate ‘torans’ are noteworthy.

Kshar Bagh has 66 Royal Cenotaph’s of the Ruler’s of Bundi, dating back to 1581. Some of these are most beautifully adorned in marble & sand stone.

Towards the north, 11 kms from Kota, down the River Chambal, is the temple village of Keshorai Patan. The imposing temple of Keshorai was built by Rao Raja Chattarsal of Bundi in 1653. There are other ancient temples and statues around here with two stone inscriptions dating to 35 A.D. and 93 A. D.

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