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Other Places of Interest :

1- Badoli :

About 45 Km from Kota on Chittorgarh road stands an unique 10th-11th century temple comples of celestial beauty. the temples of Lord Shiva, Mother Goddess and trinity signifying the process of creation, sustenance and destruction, have fine carvings and depict various mythological characters and stories.

Badoli Temple
Badoli Temple
Badoli Temple
Badoli Ghateshwar Mahadeo Flag
Badoli Ghateshwar Mahadeo
Badoli Temple Pillar

Badoli Temple
Badoli Temple
Badoli Temple
Badoli Temples
Badoli Temple
Ghateshwar Mahadev Temple -
Badoli Temple
Badoli Temple
Badoli Temple
Unique carved subjects on Badoli
Badoli Temple Pillars
Badoli Temple

2- Bhand Deora,Ramgarh :

A short diversion on Kota-Shivpuri highwar takes you to a forested grove, which holds an early medieval temple made in the style of famous Khajuraho temples. The beautifully carved pillars are famous for their erotic depictions.
Ramgarh - Bhand Devra Temple

Kanyadeah - Vilas Garh  

3- Vilas, Kanyadah :

A deep natural reservoir on Vilas rivergave the place its name, Kanyadah. A temple comples once existed on the river bank. The remnants of which may be viewed at the museum of Archaeological Survey of India. The cave shelters and cave paintings make this visit a worthwhile experience.

4- Shahbad :

The small township of Shahbad on Kota-Shivpuri highway has immense historical signficance. The fort was constructed in 1577 A.D. by the Chauhan ruler Muktaman.

Shahbad Fort

The government museums of Kota and Jhalawar have a good collection of antiquities. The visit to these museums will surely be an enriching experience. The Rao Madho Singh museum is a private collection of items belonging to the erstwhile rulers of Kota. The collection is kept at Garh Palace, Kota and the miniature paintings and the wall paintings are a must-see for the tourists therefore a visit to this museum is recommended.
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